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Taylor Dance offers classes for a wide range of ages and skill levels, including special programs for pre-school age children and adults.  While many of our students start at a young age and become more serious about dance as they progress through high school and even into adulthood, we also have students of varying capability who simply take dance class for fun and recreation. We organize classes based on skill level and have a sufficient number of students to ensure everyone is placed with other students of a similar age and ability.

Classes coincide with the school year, beginning in September and running through May or early June of the following calendar year.  We currently offer classes six days each week, Monday through Saturday.


Since the founding of our program, our commitment to providing quality dance education with an emphasis on proper techniques and terminology has been Taylor Dance's hallmark.  Our teaching staff is trained in fostering a constructive, fun environment while focusing on fundamentals.

All classes are syllabus-based and taught by certified instructors who are specialists in the field of dance they teach.  Class syllabuses have been developed and compiled by Joy Squire and other senior staff members to ensure students receive the proper foundation in dance techniques and terminology.      

At Taylor Dance, our goal is always to teach a student how to dance rather than to simply teach a dance. 

Available Classes

The following table provides an overview of our classes. Please call us at (734) 374-3904 to discuss days, times, and classes that fit best for an interested student.

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